"Literature is news that STAYS news."

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By Anka Muhlstein, translated from the French by Adriana Hunter
March 25, 2017
No story begins until the word 'but' appears
March 24, 2017
Paradise Lost can still speak to readers 350 years after its publication
March 18, 2017
An essay by Anthony Burgess
February 24, 2017
Die Korrespondenzen von Karl Jaspers
February 22, 2017
Translated by Steven Rendall and Lisa Neal
February 17, 2017
Essays Jean Bollack, Translated by Catherine Porter
February 16, 2017
By Michael McCarthy
December 9, 2016
Chapter: Hidebound: The Grisly Invention of Parchment
December 1, 2016
Translated by Lauren Elkin and Charlotte Mandell
December 1, 2016